Massive Landslide Reported at Institute Near Genting Highlands, One Road Closed

Earlier today (6 April), a massive landslide had taken place en-route to Genting Highlands. Thankfully, no one was injured when this natural disaster happened.

According to China Press, this shocking incident happened within the vicinity of Institut Aminuddin Baki (IAB), which specialises in training educational staff. It was reported that the landslide had ‘swallowed’ both lanes of the road, which rendered them impassable.

From the pictures below, it is apparent that the road safety barriers were left hanging mid-air after the ground had collapsed.

Firemen from Genting Highlands’ fire and rescue department rushed to the scene upon receiving the distress call and had the road sealed off for the safety of the staff. However, the incident does not affect the main road heading towards Genting Highlands and travellers heading there this weekend can still carry on with their plans. Phew…

The management of the institute held an emergency meeting following the incident and they decided to cover up the hole to prevent heavy rain from worsening the situation.

Massive Landslide Just Happened at an Institute En-Route to Genting Highlands This Morning - WORLD OF BUZZ 2

It is unknown what exactly had caused the landslide, but netizens were speculating that over-development might be the reason behind it. Others were worried that the same thing may happen in other places in future due to the rapid development of the hill.


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